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Our Focus

Play With Education provides help for a subject that is not easy to teach: writing. When you grade math papers, the answers are either right or wrong. Evaluating your student’s writing includes so many more components and presents a multitude of areas that interact.

You’re not certain what to say about the paragraph, your kids are hurt by (or disagree with) your comments, and you’re nervous because you know you will not catch all the grammar errors. You look ahead and worry because your young adult must learn how to write essays before going to college or stepping into a career, but you’re not certain how to achieve that goal. You can check out more sample lessons.

Our Experience

Since 2004, we’ve been teaching writing online and have aided hundreds of successful students go on to colleges and careers. All of that experience has been distilled into these videos. Our aim is to take the burden off of you and provide the clearest, most engaging help that your teens will appreciate.

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Our Approach

Learning doesn’t have to be boring! Play With Education presents serious education in a fun and engaging way. We remove the frustration that often comes with learning difficult subjects by using pictures, colors, and humor to keep kids interested and entertained while they learn.

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We provide all of our parents with thorough instructions in all aspects of teaching this program, including how to edit student papers. Our goal is to make sure that you get everything you need to teach confidently your Junior High or High School child.

Our Community

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Interact with other moms to solve writing problems (and since we’re homeschoolers, we talk about life, too). Teaching writing to teens is challenging! You’re not alone. Let’s walk together and resolve any confusion!

Our private community welcomes friends who have purchased our course with videos or added the grading service over the past ten years!

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