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Are you looking for an innovative way to engage your teens in learning to write? Look no further than Play With Education (PWE!)

Vibrant and interesting courses starring cheerful animals help teens using the WriteShop® I and II books. AND, when you use different high school options, we walk with you through the hardest part: editing errors in grammar and making sensible suggestions for content!

Are you using Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) or Sonlight, Notgrass History, Essentials in Writing, The Good and the Beautiful, Memoria Press, Classical Composition, BJU Press, One year Adventure Novel,  WriteShop®  or any others? Do you need some experienced eyes? You have found it here!

Play with Education stands out from the competition by providing colorful, action-packed curriculum with videos that make learning fun. Our unique approach combines multimedia storytelling and hands-on activities to create an attractive learning experience for students and parents alike.

Clear, concise explanations make it easy for adults to understand the material while still being interesting enough to keep young minds engaged. By providing comprehensive lessons explicitly tailored toward each student’s needs and interests, we create a personalized learning environment where you find success.

Plus, we offer support for parents using other writing programs! Whether you’re using WriteShop® or IEW or Sonlight or Notgrass History or any other high school curriculum, you will find a wide range of online courses and activities designed to bring excitement and engagement into your homeschooling writing experience.

Are you new to homeschooling or an experienced teacher? We have everything you need to ensure success in teaching writing skills at home.

Real-life Writing!

Learning should extend beyond the classroom and into everyday life. Our lessons show students how to use their newfound knowledge outside of schoolwork to help them become more confident writers prepared for any challenge life throws. Also, our videos present real-world application.

Parents: We’ll support you throughout your journey as you edit the papers your pupils have written using WriteShop® books! Or, you can hand the documents to our tutors and rest knowing that your students are in expert hands. Learning should never be boring or tedious—it should be full of discovery and exploration!

With the perfect balance between fun and education, kids can learn practical composition skills without ever feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by their studies. Through our engaging online courses and a supportive network of experts, we aim to help every scholar reach their academic goals—no matter what they may be! So don’t wait any longer. Join us today on this exciting journey toward success!

Get Expert Guidance with Your Student’s Writing Projects

As a parent, you want to ensure that your kids have the best guidance for their writing projects. You can offer them some help with the basics, but sometimes you need more expert help! That’s where we come in! Our tutors can provide your student with steadfast support! Having a mentor who understands how to edit effectively can make a tremendous difference in building confidence and creating good habits.

We Offer Guidance Every Step of the Way

Our tutors help with editing to ensure your student understands every aspect of essay writing and other types of assignments. From helping students brainstorm ideas to providing feedback on structure, your students will have all the tools they need to succeed!

Whether you hand over editing responsibilities or work closely alongside our tutors, rest knowing that you give your teen access to expert guidance and resources. Let us help you get started today!

PWE Writing I Course Syllabus:

Class and Videos Using WriteShop® I books (4th or 5th edition)

PWE Writing II Course Syllabus:

Class and Videos Using WriteShop® II books (4th or 5th edition)

Our Journey


YES, we produced the videos for WriteShop® I and II that were sold by WriteShop Inc. on their website. Then, you came here to PlayWith Education to view them.


YES, WriteShop Inc. has joined the Demme Learning Family, and we’re so happy! Your account remains safe and secure here. Your household still has the lifetime access that we promised to you.


YES, we will teach new classes for families requiring the WriteShop® I and II books! We’ve updated the course syllabus to incorporate an improved version of our videos.


YES, the new courses are open! This website is the ONLY place you can buy it; it is not on the WriteShop® website this time. Please buy your course here, then go to Demme Learning to get your books!

With the switch of ownership, you are in good hands! This change opens the door to more ways for us to help parents. We’re grateful!

Video Samples

Please enjoy three complete lessons compatible with older 4th or updated 5th edition books. Since kids watch from two to four segments each week,  they’re short!

Mouthwatering Munchies shows how a lesson’s first draft, it’s “Sloppy Copy,” is introduced with a sample written by a student. Kids learn to describe a food in this scene.

The lesson in Astounding Ability teaches kids about personification. This clip brings the story of The Blind Man and the Elephant to life with video and graphics! Then it gives tips for the technique taught in the Skill Builder: writing in first person. 

The Lion’s View also shows a sample paper and gives direction in the brainstorming worksheet to make the paper as comprehensive as possible!

Plus, all meet this standard of excellence with pictures, colors, text, a little humor, and pleasant narration to keep your students entertained while learning from the workbook published by WriteShop®.

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Our Mission

We walk beside you through classes for a course covering an intimidating subject: writing. Simply start by watching the efficient yet powerful movie with your students. Use your TM to edit their work. Slowly, step back to allow them to learn from the videos on their own. Along this path, your kids will become more secure writers and more careful thinkers.


We are committed to excellence.
We empower parents to educate their children in the area of writing.
We provide comprehensive courses for homeschooling parents.
We make education fun for students and their teachers.

Our Volume

We offer to enhance your teen’s life. Keep your eyes open for the additions coming soon to help you succeed even more.

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Our Impression

Teaching writing online using videos demands that we grab your attention with vivid, vibrant images and compelling easy-to-read text. You will appreciate our educational philosophy, and our options to empower you to teach your child, even if you’re using other writing programs.

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Are you looking for high school writing classes online with fun, cheerful videos starring animals  and using the WriteShop® I and II materials? You’re in the right place!

Our upgraded, updated videos are here!

Do you have a student who struggles with writing? Or, as a parent, do you find it tough to explain how to put words on paper to your teen?

You deserve the best tools, so we offer tutorials to benefit you. You can get personalized encouragement as you walk through them with us.

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You will find the books at Demme Learning (publisher of Math-U-See and others), so you need to go to their website to get them.

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