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The videos presented here  provide you with colorful, action-packed, engaging lessons to teach and amplify the WriteShop writing curriculum.  Clear, compelling, concise explanations make them enjoyable for you. Whether you’re new to homeschooling or an experienced teacher, Play With Education offers  trustworthy help to meet your goals.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission

We walk beside you through a course covering an intimidating subject. In fact, we do so much of the teaching for you that you don’t open your Teacher’s Manual (TM) until you’re well into the first lesson. Simply start by watching the efficient yet powerful movie with your students. Use your TM to edit their work. Slowly, step back to allow them to learn from the videos on their own. Along this path, your kids will become more secure writers and more careful thinkers.



We are committed to excellence.
We empower parents using WriteShop I or II to educate their children.
We provide comprehensive courses for homeschooling parents.
We make education fun for students and their teachers.

 WriteShop has expressly authorized us to create this video companion for their books. Visit Our Courses and Our Services pages to learn more about the help we offer to enhance your teen’s life. The videos correspond with both the 5th edition student workbook and the 4th edition student workbook.

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Teaching writing online using videos demands that we grab your attention with vivid, vibrant images and compelling easy-to-read text. Learn more about us, our educational philosophy, and our options to empower you to teach your child. There, you will find a sample of the earlier video lesson for the 4th edition along with the upgraded 5th edition version.


Visit our comprehensive responses to the most common questions on the FAQ page.

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