Getting Started Guide

About PlayWith Education

Here at PlayWith Education, we understand that online video courses can be intimidating, even for the most seasoned technical experts. This two-part Getting Started Guide series is designed to equip you with everything you need to navigate our through our site and courses so that you can successfully educate your students.

Please take a few moments to watch these two short, informative videos before digging into your courses.

Getting Started Guide, Part 1:

In part one of our Getting Started Guide, we cover everything you need to know about logging into the website, including answering our most common login questions.

Getting Started Guide, Part 2:

In part two of our Getting Started Guide, you'll learn how to log into and successfully navigate through your course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most common issues and how to solve them. These are also covered in our Getting Started Guide. If your issue is not listed here, please contact us so we can help find a solution to your issue.

In most cases, the generated email is directed to the spam folder. Depending on your email client, this folder may be called "Junk," the "Junk Folder," or simply "Spam." Please check there first to see if the email got directed there. Sometimes, though, it REALLY isn’t there… maybe the junk folder was emptied before you had a chance to check it. Or, perhaps the settings in your email client automatically delete spam without ever putting it in the spam folder. It’s ok, all hope isn’t lost! The email from Monica contains everything you need to to do a “password recovery” using your email address. Before you click that link, make sure to “whitelist” or “allow” emails from If you can’t find the place in your email client’s settings to do this, adding our email address to your contact list will usually ensure that emails from our site will be directed to your inbox instead of to your spam folder.
No worries! You can use the password recovery function from the Log In page any time. Again, make sure your email client accepts email from, because using that system will cause the website to auto-generate an email with a link to reset your password.
WriteShop recently changed the layout of their Student Handbooks. Our video was recorded with the previous edition came in the blue binder. This new edition replaces the binders with colorful booklets. Please read the section in the first several units of Lesson One about the edition change with WriteShop. This was a purely cosmetic change. The page numbers for the binder version of the workbook referenced in the videos are the same as the updated booklet version.
If you’ve clicked the link from the email sent by Monica and are getting an error saying that you’re not in that class, please contact me immediately so I can apologize for the error and make it right as quickly as possible. Either I mistakenly put your child in the wrong class or I’ve sent you the wrong link… Though I strive to put each student in the correct course, sometimes I get distracted or goof.
For parents who chose the Video Only option, it’s possible that you’ve worked through several lessons already before purchasing our program. There is no instant way to advance a student’s progress from our end, unfortunately. The solution is for that PARENT or TEACHER to go through each unit to “Mark as Complete” up to the required lesson or unit (the green button at the bottom of each course unit, as shown in the image below).


Please don’t allow the student press ahead like this, as we want to avoid the students getting in the habit of pressing ahead in the lessons before they get permission. We still do highly recommend that you and your child watch the videos for at least Lesson One (preferably up to Lesson Three), as several key concepts that the students need in later lessons are fully explained.

If you are in the Grading or Grading+ courses, it is not really possible to press ahead in the lessons, due to the quizzing process. Please contact us so we can work out a solution that works for you and your child.

Oops! Don't worry, this happens sometimes. In most cases, Ms. Lane probably already contacted you to find out what happened. However, please contact Ms. Lane as soon as you realize the error. This saves lots of time, as she will be able to reset the quiz to submit the correct paper or email you with further instructions.
Our site will only accept doc and docx file types. If you’re getting this error, please ensure that you’ve saved the document correctly in either Word Format or in Word 97-2003 Format (we prefer Word Format). You can do that in your Word Processor’s “save as” function, as shown below.

save as

Please note: very rarely this error can come up despite saving the document correctly. If you have assured that it’s saved properly and you’re still getting this error, please contact us so we can fix it as quickly as possible.