Getting Started

Parents, the videos do the teaching for you. They start with a pleasant introduction and present many examples, jokes, and games as they guide you through to the final draft. So, you can put away the Lesson Plans in your Teacher’s Manual. Relax, watch the shows with your kids, and enjoy learning with them as they polish their papers.

Our three most important tips:

ONE: The videos serve as your guide throughout the course (you don’t follow the  Lesson Plans).

  1. Watch the first movie together with your students.
  2. Ask them to complete the assignment in the Student Workbook. Stay available to answer questions or lightheartedly play with ideas aloud. Give as much help (or as little) as your individual needs.
  3. Consult your Teacher’s Manual for the answers.
  4. Repeat!
  5. The course requires that your scholars use the Skill Builder techniques in each paper. You’re grading it, so you need to learn that content, too. Some parents continue to watch the movie with the student all year. Others allow them to look at it independently while those parents also see it on their own. It’s up to you.

TWO: Choose your schedule. Examine the overview, then scroll to the Daily Plan section of the schedule page for vital guidance.

THREE: Schedule Alert—Your WriteShop Student Workbook begins with one lesson that is longer than the others.  All the Lessons take two weeks except Lesson One. It takes three weeks because the book contains two sections:

  1. Lesson 1a: Concrete Writing Worksheet (one week)
  2. Lesson 1b: Describing an Object (two weeks)

Now, please see more help below.



Starting Guide

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