Getting Started

Parents, these videos for WriteShop® I and WriteShop® II do the teaching as you sit with your scholar to watch. Please close your Teacher’s Manual.

As homeschoolers, we usually follow the TM. Thus, it’s hard to ignore that book. This time, the videos contain the core material. You don’t have to add exercises from the TM. In fact, reading the Lesson Plan first will confuse you.

Trust me, the movies teach the steps mentioned in the Lesson Plans. When you look back after, you’ll see that the course is organized accurately.

Sit back and enjoy!  Allow the video to take the lead.

The movies start with a pleasant introduction and present many examples, jokes, and games as they guide you from brainstorming on through to the final draft. Now that you have put away the Lesson Plans, relax. View the shows with your kids. Together, you will learn to polish their papers.

Our Three Most Important Tips:

Starting Guide

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