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Let’s add fun games to make our home a lifestyle of writing !!!

Writing games can be a fun and effective way for children to learn and develop important skills. From visual recognition and memory recall, to problem-solving and critical thinking, writing games are an excellent way to help young learners engage in stimulating activities. With so many different types of writing games out there, there’s sure to be something that every child will enjoy and benefit from! 

To make the most of your writing journey, be sure to look at PWE’s courses here on this site using use the WriteShop® I and II books!

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About the author:

Play with Education (PWE) stands out from the competition by providing a colorful, action-packed writing curriculum with videos that make learning fun using the WriteShop® I and II books! Our unique approach combines multimedia storytelling and hands-on activities to create an attractive learning experience for students and parents alike.

Clear, concise explanations make it easy for adults to understand the material while still being interesting enough to keep young minds engaged. By providing comprehensive lessons explicitly tailored toward each student’s needs and interests, we create a personalized learning environment where you find success.

Read more about PWE Writing I and II in this cart and the website! It is ONLY available here. You cannot buy it on the site that sells the books, Demme Learning. After you get your books, come back HERE to get this separate course.

Plus, we offer support for parents using other writing programs! Whether you’re using WriteShop® or IEW or Sonlight or Notgrass History or any other high school curriculum, you will find a wide range of online courses and activities designed to bring excitement and engagement into your homeschooling writing experience.

Rather than just guiding kids through the steps of completing papers, this approach focuses on helping them develop a love of learning while also mastering skills they need to succeed. It helps them become better writers by instilling a sense of confidence in their own abilities!


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Brenda Lane’s Approved Writing Games
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