Play Education Writing I Grading (Plus+) [Partial]


In THIS option, for Grading (Plus+), you already have the videos from an earlier purchase for your family.

The tutor takes care of these tasks for you:
* Grades the Skill Builders.
* Edits your student’s papers.
* Issues a grade for the Final Draft.
* You can flex your time to take 3 years to finish.

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This option is for families who already bought the videos for an earlier student.

Play Education Writing I Grading (Plus+) Complete Service. Our syllabus and videos support your students and you! Tutors provides helpful comments and valuable suggestions on your student’s First Revision.

The input from a neutral outsider helps your student see what areas need improvement—with much less arguing than before!  Then, they issue a grade for the Final Draft.

In this full-service option, your tutor grades everything, including the student’s completed worksheets for the “Skill Builders” that teach the technique for each lesson.

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