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Play With Education provides high-quality e-learning solutions for families who are using the award-winning WriteShop program. If you are homeschooling or desire a trustworthy supplement to your children’s current academic courses, we can assist you. You will learn to encourage your students to play with words and ideas as they communicate with clarity and creativity.

Using a blend of colors, words, pictures, and friendly narrative, our 10 to 15 minute videos provide in-depth explanations of the key points of each WriteShop lesson in a fun and easily understood way. This allows you parents to step out of the TEACHING part! The pre-writing activities, practice paragraphs, and content from both the Student Workbook and Teacher’s Manual is presented for you.

If you are not comfortable demonstrating writing or if you have other children and need your time with them or if you want to allow your maturing teen to spread their wings as they move toward independence, you can use the videos to do the bulk of the work.

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Are you looking for high school writing classes online with fun, cheerful videos starring animals  and using the WriteShop® I and II materials? You’re in the right place!

Our upgraded, updated videos are here!

Do you have a student who struggles with writing? Or, as a parent, do you find it tough to explain how to put words on paper to your teen?

You deserve the best tools, so we offer tutorials to benefit you. You can get personalized encouragement as you walk through them with us.

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You will find the books at Demme Learning (publisher of Math-U-See and others), so you need to go to their website to get them.

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