Lesson 5: Final Draft (Grading+)

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Lesson 5: Final Draft
You'll need to correctly answer at least 29 of the 36 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Do all my sentences support my topic sentence (no “carrots in my cookie jar”)?
Question #2: Are my topic and choice of words appropriate for my audience?
Question #3: Did I communicate clearly?
Question #4: Did I choose a strong topic sentence that introduces my paragraph?
Question #5: Did I use no more than two forms of “to be” words? (Change the font color and underline all “to be” words in red.)
is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been
Question #6: Does my title capture the essence of my paragraph?
Question #7: Did I choose synonyms instead of repeating main words? (Change the font color and underline repeated words in blue. Replace with synonyms before submitting to teacher.)
Question #8: Did I use concrete words that are specific, vivid, and sensory? (Change the font color and underline vague words in green and find synonyms for them.)
Question #9: Did I check my “Weak Words” list (p. 17) against my paragraph? (Underline these in green.)
Question #10: Did I vary my sentence structure by beginning one sentence with paired adjectives?
Question #11: What is the first word of that sentence?
Question #12: Did I carefully describe the food in a tempting way, using each of my five senses?
Question #13: What word did you use to describe the sight?
Question #14: What word did you use to describe the taste?
Question #15: What word did you use to describe the smell?
Question #16: What word did you use to describe the sound?
Question #17: What word did you use to describe the feel?
Question #18: Did I describe the food without focusing on its preparation?
Question #19: Did I write concisely, avoiding wordiness? (Cross out unnecessary words or phrases.)
Question #20: Did I write a strong closing sentence that gives a feeling of ending?
Question #21: Did I save the computer files as Lesson 5 Lesson 5 Edited Sloppy Copy, Lesson 5 First Revision and Lesson 5 Final Draft?
Question #22: Did I put my name and date in the upper right-hand corner?
Question #23: Did I follow proper format on pp. ii-iii (correct placement/size title, correct font size, etc.)?
Question #24: Did I underline my title?
Question #25: Is my paragraph five to seven sentences long?
Question #26: Did I indent my first sentence? (If not, draw an arrow to show that you need to indent.)
Question #27: How many sentences in the paragraph?
Question #28: Did I leave margins around my paragraph? (If not, draw a light pencil line down the side.)
Question #29: Did I remember to skip every other line? (If not, before you rewrite, draw a light X on
each line you want to skip.)
Question #30: Did I use good spacing between words and sentences? (If not, draw two vertical lines)
Question #31: Did I double-check my spelling? (Underline suspected words; look up and change.)
Question #32: Did I double-check my capitalization and punctuation? (Correct any errors.)
Question #33: Did I use complete sentences and avoid run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers?
Question #34: Did I finish and turn in the Mind Map and Observing a Food Worksheet?
Question #35: Did I correctly use this Checklist, including filling in all the blanks and using color to underline as directed? (This includes making corrections before I write my First Revision.)
Question #36: Turn in your Lesson 5 Final Draft here.
Allowed file types: doc, docx.
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