Lesson 3: Final Draft (Grading+)

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Lesson 3: Final Draft
You'll need to correctly answer at least 24 of the 29 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Do all my sentences support my topic sentence (no “carrots in my cookie jar”)?
Question #2: Are my topic and choice of words appropriate for my audience?
Question #3: Does my title capture the essence of my paragraph?
Question #4: Did I choose a strong topic sentence that introduces my paragraph?
Question #5: Did I use no more than TWO forms of “to be” words? (Change the font color and underline “to be” words in red.)
"To Be" words are: is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been
Question #6: Did I choose synonyms instead of repeating main words? (Change the font color and underline repeated words in blue. Replace with synonyms before submitting to teacher.)
Question #7: Did I use concrete words that are specific, vivid, and sensory? (Change the font color and underline vague words in green and find synonyms for them.)
Question #8: Did I check my “Weak Words” list (p. 17) against my paragraph? (Underline these in green.)
Question #9: Did I vary my sentence structure by beginning one sentence with paired adjectives?
Question #10: What is the first word of that sentence?
Question #11: Did I describe my subject’s physical appearance?
Question #12: Did I describe my subject’s activity without focusing on the activity itself?
Question #13: Did I write concisely, avoiding wordiness? (Cross out unnecessary words or phrases.)
Question #14: Did I write a strong closing sentence that gives a feeling of ending?
Question #15: Did I put my name and date in the upper right-hand corner?
Question #16: Did I underline my title?
Question #17: Did I follow proper format on pp. ii-iii (correct placement/size of title, font size, etc.)?
Question #18: Is my paragraph five to seven sentences long?
Question #19: How many sentences did you use?
Question #20: Did I indent my first sentence?
Question #21: Did I leave margins around my paragraph?
Question #22: Did I remember to skip every other line?
Question #23: Did I use good spacing between words and sentences?
Question #24: Did I double-check my spelling? (Underline suspected words; look up and change.)
Question #25: Did I double-check my capitalization and punctuation? (Correct any errors.)
Question #26: Did I use complete sentences and avoid run-on sentences and misplaced modifiers?
Question #27: Did I correctly use this Checklist, including filling in all the blanks and using color to underline as directed? (This includes making corrections before I write my First Revision.)
Question #28: Did I find someone to draw a picture of my subject based on my descriptions? (This is MANDATORY)
Question #29: Turn in your Lesson 3 Final Draft here.
Remember to name your file correctly.
Allowed file types: doc, docx.
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