Lesson 11: Final Draft (Grading)

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Lesson 11: Final Draft (SB)
You'll need to correctly answer at least 30 of the 37 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Do all my sentences support my topic sentence (no “carrots in my cookie jar”)?
Question #2: Did I answer who, what, when, where, why and how?
Question #3: Did I communicate clearly, including avoiding pretentious or unfamiliar terms?
Question #4: Did I stick to the facts and avoid giving my opinion?
Question #5: Are my topic and choice of words appropriate for my audience?
Question #6: Does my headline capture the attention of the reader and give clues about the content of the article?
Question #7: Did I choose a strong lead sentence or paragraph to introduce my article?
Question #8: Did I use no more than FOUR “to be” words? (Change the font color and underline “to be” words in red.)
Question #9: Did I choose synonyms instead of repeating main words? (Change the font color and underline repeated words in blue. Replace with synonyms before submitting to teacher.)
Question #10: Did I use concrete words that are recognizable to most readers? (Change the font color and underline vague words in green and find synonyms for them.)
Question #11: Did I check my “Weak Words” list for empty words? (Underline any of these in green.)
Question #12: Did I use transition words?
Question #13: Did I write in past tense?
Question #14: Did I write in third person?
Question #15: Although news articles contain mostly “subject-verb” sentences, did I vary my sentence structure by beginning a sentence with a present participle?
Question #16: What is the first word of the sentence beginning with a present participle?
Question #17: Did I use an appositive?
Question #18: What is the first word of the sentence containing an appositive?
Question #19: Did I begin a sentence with a subordinate conjunction? (after, although, as, because, before, if, since, though, unless, when, where, while)
Question #20: Which subordinate conjunction did you use?
Question #21: Did I avoid wordiness by crossing out unnecessary words, phrases or sentences?
Question #22: Did I write a strong summary statement that gives a feeling of ending?
Question #23: Did I save the computer files as: Lesson 11 Sloppy Copy, Lesson 11 Edited Sloppy Copy and Lesson 11 First Revision?
Question #24: Did I put the date in the upper right-hand corner?
Question #25: Did I put my name (by-line) under the title and then skip a line?
Question #26: Did I use correct headline format? Is my headline concise? Does it avoid “to be” verbs?
Question #27: Is my article seven to twelve sentences long?
Question #28: How many sentences did you use?
Question #29: Did I write at least three paragraphs (more for a longer article)?
Question #30: How many paragraphs did you write?
Question #31: Did I indent and leave margins and remember to skip every other line?
Question #32: Did I use good spacing between words and sentences? (If not, draw two vertical lines | | to separate.)
Question #33: Did I double-check my spelling? (Underline suspected words; look up and change.)
Question #34: Did I double-check my capitalization and punctuation? (Correct any errors.)
Question #35: Did I correctly use this Checklist, including filling in all the blanks and using color to underline as directed? (This includes making corrections before I write my First Revision.)
Question #36: Have I turned in and received a grade for my Lesson 11 Sloppy Copy and my News Article Planning worksheet?
Question #37: Turn in your Lesson 11 Final Draft.
Allowed file types: doc, docx.
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