First Revision (Grading+)

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Lesson 1: First Revision Checklist
You'll need to correctly answer at least 17 of the 21 questions below (at least 80%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Do all my sentences support my topic sentence (no "carrots in my cookie jar")?
We want to make sure that all of our sentences are about the object we're describing. If you have general information or trivia about the item, make notes to change it.
Question #2: Are my topic and choice of words appropriate for my audience?
Go through the notes in your Edited Sloppy Copy and change this now.
Question #3: Does my title capture the essence of my paragraph?
If your paragraph is about a toaster, but the title is "My Favorite Pen," you may need a new title.
Question #4: Did I write a strong topic sentences that introduces my paragraph?
Remember, we don't want to start with "I'm going to tell you about..." Instead, make your topic sentence get right to the point.
Question #5: Did I choose synonyms instead of repeating main words? (Change the font color and underline repeated words in blue. Replace with synonyms before submitting to teacher.)
As you go through your Edited Sloppy Copy, make sure to look up all of your blue highlighted or underlined words and find synonyms for them.
Question #6: Did I use concrete words (nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs are specific, vivid, and sensory)? Change the font to green and underline vague words and find synonyms for them.
Underline vague words in green and find synonyms for them.
Use your Word Lists to determine if you're using any vague words.
Question #7: Did I avoid writing in second person ("you" and "your")?
Check your Edited Sloppy Copy for notes about changing this in your First Revision.
Question #8: Did I write a strong closing sentence that gives a feeling of ending?
Remember to write a closing sentence that allows the reader to feel like your description is complete.
Question #9: Did I put my name, date and draft in the upper right-hand corner?
In the videos, we covered the correct position for the Heading as well as what information it should contain.
Question #10: Did I underline my title?
Remember that the title should be centered on the page and underlined.
Question #11: Did I follow proper format on pp. ii-iii (correct placement/size of title, font size, etc.)?
The video covers the formatting of your document.
Question #12: Is my paragraph five to seven sentences long? (Count them!)
Combine short sentences or break up run-on sentences to meet the requirements for this assignment.
Question #13: How many sentences did I use?
Question #14: Did I indent my first sentence? (if not, draw an arrow to show you need to indent.)
The first sentence should be indented. In Word, this is easy to do with either a TAB space or by changing your Paragraph settings.
Question #15: Did I leave margins around my paragraph?
The document margins should be "Normal," which is 1 inch on all sides.
Question #16: Did I skip every other line?
In Word, choose "Double Spaced" to make sure that your lines are the proper spacing.
Question #17: Did I use good spacing between words and sentences?
Check to make sure that you put in proper spaces in your document.
Question #18: Did I double-check my spelling? (Underline suspected words; look up and change.)
Though Word has a spell-check feature, you cannot count on it to find all of your misspelled words. Read through your paper to make sure there aren't any hidden misspellings.
Question #19: Did I double-check my capitalization and punctuation? (Correct any errors)
Like we did with the Sample Paper in our previous lesson, carefully look through your paper to see if you have any punctuation or capitalization issues and make corrections as necessary.
Question #20: Did I use complete sentences and avoid run-on sentences?
Like the example in our prior lesson, go through your paper carefully and look up any issues of run-on or fragment sentences.
Question #21: Turn in your First Revision here.
Make sure you have saved your document as Lesson 1 First Revision.
Allowed file types: doc, docx.
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