PWE Writing I & II Course With Videos [Bundle] (Use With WriteShop® I & II Books)


Using the required WriteShop® I and II books and materials available from Demme Learning, this online video course provides you with the opportunity to enhance your teen’s writing skills. Moreover, you have the freedom to move at your own pace because you are free from a semester schedule.

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For families using the incremental WriteShop® I and II writing program books from Demme Learning, this class walks you through each lesson with clear, colorful videos, fun examples, and additional sample essays written by students.

PLUS, we have taught this class for over 20 years. Based on that experience, you get BONUS tips for self-editing and insights for improving your writing that are not in the books themselves.

You can use it in your family for the lifetime of the course. You can go at your own pace and allow your younger students to watch it as they move up into the level.

* Curriculum guide and videos.
* FREE Parent Course: The Fearless Editor (Mom and Dad!). Normally sells for $98.
* No expiration date for the course.
* Move forward at your own pace.

Teach your student using online videos with vibrant images, vivid video clips, delightful GIFs, and engaging, easy-to-read text.

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PWE Writing I & II Course With Videos [Bundle] (Use With WriteShop® I & II Books)
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